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Our Mission

Invest in real estate assets that generate stable cash flow and price appreciation over time to provide high returns and generational wealth.


At Atlas Bay, we value capital protection because we've worked hard for our money and we know you have as well. Instead of swinging for the fences with risk, we focus on cash flowing asset classes that can perform in both up and down economies.

We offer opportunities to invest in assets that combine consistent cash flow as well as upside through property improvements to create higher than average returns for our investors. Our long-term investment strategy is simple. Buy at the right price, improve, and hold long term.

How It Works?

We Buy

Atlas Bay Investments finds the deal, negotiates the price and financing, and closes the deal.

You Invest

Accredited investors become our partners in the real estate deal.

We Collect

Our properties generate monthly cash flow through rent payments from credit worthy tenants.

You Get Paid

We pay you a monthly distribution as an investor in the deal.

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